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Why Link Building Still Exist in SEO 2016?

Since Google update kills tons of websites all over the world we are now aware of building links and many SEO specialist said that links is no longer exist but how and why?

The big answer is “No” according the searchenginejouarnal.com Links are still important even years to come is is because search engine counts the links on a website the comes from different websites. But in building links still limitation unlike to our previous link building methods links comes from everywhere either relevant and non relevant as long as it can give tons of links to a website.

And even searchengineland.com said on their article that 2016 manual link building still has an important ranking signal and a big role in SEO.

I myself don’t even believe that content marketing replace link building because content marketing is link building.

In searching SEO projects on freelancer sites clients always ask how do you build links, what are good and bad links, well my answer for that is all links is good as long as it provide good result on your website and no need to worry about penalty because as long as you are doing the right thing on your website building right links you will never get penalized.

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