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Devlin Duldulao
Outsource SEO Philippines

Mr. Renan is a hard working person he started working on us since August 2015 until in the current we are one of the biggest SEO company in Philippines who handle many projects local and International and we saw the potential of Renan during we hired him as a part-time after a month we make it as full-time and handle 10 or our main clients. Because of his hard work and good strategy on SEO our clients satisfied on our work and increase it every month. I believe I can compare him to one of the tough SEO Specialist in Philippines.

Hartono Wadiputra
Agen Loker
Maketing Manager

We are one of the biggest SEO company in Indonesia it is because of demands of SEO we gain many projects in Indonesia and we cannot handle it all after we saw the potential of this person and an experience of Casino Gambling sites on previous clients we let him handle 5 of our main websites which is about Casino which is very tough niche and very competitive here in Indonesia. We gain better progress and even those websites that has a penalty since we are slapped he gave better rankings and now return on SERP. He is one of the toughest SEO person I think in Philippines. He is a one person that can compete a company in regards to rankings.

Mateo Fabrigas
SEO Marketing Specialist

I am SEO for years and with different experience also but my experience is still enough to compare to Renan because after I let him handle some of my clients website it rain rankings on Google and he deserve to be best SEO in Philippines.

Richard Brack
Boat Business

I am owner of boating company and handle by Renan and he is not good on on page that time but our website gain rankings on his link building techniques.


Thanks for SEO Region that we have becomem more prevalent on our industry which is always been competitive. Our rankings have gone from 2nd to 3rd page to first page of most keywords we are targeting. This is because of your ability in the SEO world. Thanks Smartrank! From Jackpotjoy.com

SEO Region previously smartrankservices has now gain a lot of visitors because of you Smartrank. It is because they made us on the top timeshare companies in our industry. Their company has been very responsive to our needs. From: Ticktab.com

We are very satified that you help us increase traffic substantially and increase quality of our leads. Because of Smartrank SEO Services we have contributed up to 40% of our sales. Renan and his team work hard to deliver us the best result that we have. Thank you! From: ilovebodykits.com

You gave us tons of suport on our technology SEO Region is the best approach in maintaining our very competitive company. From: i80equipment.com

We wanted to thank you SEO Region for your hard work and determination in getting outstanding results on our 3 websites from the very lowest page to the 2nd page the acheivement you have is great for us. From kcbtours.com

SEO Region previously known as Smartrank SEO Services you will get more than standard services because of their diverse experience, you benefit their broad strategic marketing expertise. They consisitently impress us by the results they provide. From: Rightcallforyou.com

We are very impress to Smartrank SEO Services because our company now get more and more internet leads. They are the first company that provide us quality services that we needed for long years. From: my779.com

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