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SEO and Link Building in 2016 No Changes

Last year in 2015 so many new things happen on SEO world and many people think that SEO will be ending soon but it was just a myths because SEO will continue in future. Search engine need SEO even a big time Search engine hired an SEO specialist for their website for some purpose. It still the main course of Internet marketing online.

Changes in 2016? well for me the same no changes at all what you are doing in 2015 is what you can do in 2016. There is no advance techniques all you need is a clean strategy to fight Search Engine algorithm. Good strategy will gain benefits and better progress of website owners.

Continue being more relevant, and quality. As I keep doing SEO and my favorite Link Building techniques it is more quality rather than quantity. But sometimes my clients need quantity of daily campaign but I always explain that quantity cannot help them boost better progress but those quality strategy can provide better progress.

Years ago we heard all over the forums, social networks and blogs that Link Building is going obsolete in coming years but I keep searching and reading all over the web so many specialist said that they still keep doing link building and on my own experience still effective, powerful and has a big role on SEO in regards to rankings and mean link building will never be obsolete but has a big role in Search Engines.

I always reading searchengineland.com articles and they are also aware of link building because they said on their article that they will lost job if link building will be obsolete. So they created many articles like Manual Link Building, Scaling Manual Link building and many many more.

So while reading I still promoting this techniques to my current and future clients.

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