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Online Jobs Opportunity After Graduation

Thousands of graduates every year and only hundreds of them can work relevant to their courses and thousands work irrelevant and thousands are still looking for a job.

Only few people know how to find jobs online where in this is one of the best opportunity for a Computer related students, teacher, etc. Because there are thousands of home based jobs and internet programs available online and most of them does not required programming skills or highly technical skills.

Online job either you want to work on a company or become a freelancer. I will show you some of the online opportunities where you can work at home.

I created this article because I saw thousands of fresh graduate does not have the right work according to their courses so this online job opportunities it has bigger salaries rather than working offline, especially if you are a freelancer you can work in many companies as you want.

Other’s are virtually with a minimum of 8 hours a day and other’s does not have requires hours as long as you can managed job description. Here are some work at home opportunity for you.

Search Engine Evaluator

If you are a graduate of Computer related courses especially Information Technology, Computer Science, etc. then this is the best and good opportunity for you after graduation because most schools nowadays offering subjects about search Engine optimization where in focus on accurate results on search engine.

Data Entry Job

A data entry job is a very simple job where you only inputs information for companies on a certain computer programs. If you are a fast typist then this is great including fast internet speed. Most of this are hourly basis and virtually.

Online Tutor

I saw this online tutor is very demand online helping students online in different fields.


This is little tough because most applicant must be a good writer and can write good English and mostly writing job pay high.


Bloggers is one great opportunity even working alone on your personal blog you can create great content and publish all over the web once it get traffic you will earn using ads.

Web Designer/Developer

For computer science course, information technology course this is for you creative web design you can find different jobs online especially on freelance jobs online where you can apply for available web design jobs and web development.

You must create a website or a blog with highlights of your portfolio is one big advantage.

These are some of online jobs opportunity for a fresh graduate students but there are hundreds of available online jobs you can find on the web. I just share ideas for everyone who needs an opportunity to work even at home.

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