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How Much You Spend Money for SEO Services?

Well most business today looking for Search Engine Optimization specialist which is one of role of Internet Marketing. But the question is How Much they spend for SEO?

There are different types of companies who offer services Local and International and there are also Freelancers.

As I read the Searchenginewatch.com article I started created the same to express my thoughts about my future clients.

Types of Services

1. Monthly: As a freelancer I also accept projects monthly basis as long as we agreed the strategy to used on my service.
2. Contract services with a fixed prices: Well this is tough challenge as an SEO because you must be work hard in order to reach a goal which you agreed with client. Because this types of services mostly have a goal of higher rankings on SERP then clients will get paid on the said price so it takes months or even year if you cannot reach the target unlike to monthly basis even you didn’t reach the top result you will get paid monthly.
3. Pay Per Result: This is one of the things I have the most because I have been scam many times because of this so since I get scam I stop accepting pay per result basis. Why? because you don’t know how long you can rank a website on a higher page because your competitors also doing their best to reach top rankings so no one knows how long you can do it. As an SEO I can only give visibility on a website within 3-6 months but not on top result. SEO is not magic wherein you will get rank on short period of time it really take times, more focus, research, good strategy to reach the main goal.
4. Hourly basis: Well most of hourly basis comes from freelancer sites where you can apply. Clients will monitor your hours daily and sometimes they used tools or software to see a snapshot of your daily work and number of hours. So this types of service is pressure.

So most of SEO freelancers used all types of these service. As a simple tips to future clients look for a better SEO services either Agency or Freelancer as long as they are trusted and you can build trust to them because your business will be handled by them.

SEO Pricing

1. Monthly basis: It costs $500-1,500 as a Freelancers but on companies they don’t accept lesser than $1,000.
2. Contract basis: Well as years of experience I never tried contact basis so I don’t have idea how much it’s cost but for me this basis is the one big a bigger costs.
3. Pay Per Result: This service is really great because other company offer biggest amount for the result they wanted to reach the goal but little risky.
4. Hourly basis: In Philippines lower hourly basis is $3-$5 for freelancers. But agency offers $20-$40 per hour.

Clients expectation

Well most of clients have expectation once they hire an SEO person agency or Freelancers

1. Guarantee Service: well it means you can provide good services with better results and quality service.
2. Fast Result: this is little tough because you must work hard to have a fast result which is other SEO’s cannot do because as SEO we provide 3-6 months of contract to see the results on SERP.
3. First Page on Google: This is the toughest thing ever because clients want their website on the top of Google for target keywords. All SEO Specialist around the world cannot promise this result and all cannot get the top results.
4. Link building Strategy: Too many SEO’s all over the world said that link building is dead but it is not because you cannot get the higher rankings on Google without inbound links. But nowadays link building focus on quality of links where you can find authority websites. So strategy must be applied in link building to find quality websites but most of them are paid.

Clients Need to know about SEO

1. SEO takes time: Monthly basis is the best choice even it takes time but the result they can provide is the best, and you can build long term relationship.
2. Rankings changes all the time because Google updates, competitors working on their websites also, too many competitors. That’s why SEO person keep monitoring rankings and do some analysis.
3. Don’t focus on low price SEO: Most of clients, businesses looking for affordable SEO but in the end it cannot get their goal and a headache fo them. SEO is not for lowest prices but it is for quality service they can provide on your business that can help your profit and sales.
4. SEO is very important now and in future.
5. Look for a trusted SEO Agency or a Freelancer: As a freelance SEO I created a small team that can help me on most projects but still I can call myself as a freelancer and keep long for SEO projects in future, affordable, quality and guaranteed.

Decide now and you will get your website visible on Search Engines to increase your sales and profit and look for Cheap Guaranteed SEO service.

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