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3 Ways to Lure Your Audience And Get More Social Shares

What it takes to get people shares your content? Is there a formula that we could follow in order to perfect it? Those are the questions need to address if you’re aiming to get more visitors a day. On the verge of technological advancements nowadays, almost all information is available in the internet. Because of its billion daily internet users all over the world, social media websites have continued to spread information real quick. Be it in a form of videos, articles, or photos.

The content creators’ main goal is to spread their content far and wide and go viral across the globe. Fortunately, there are tons of tool available online where you can track what type of content goes viral. You shouldn’t stop there, once you know what content appeals to much of the audience that you target, you must create content related to your website based on such observation.

First thing first, of course, makes it shareable. What else?

Use high quality and better photos.  

Add visual posts to your blog entry. Visually stunning photos can easily capture people’s attention. As much as possible, explore and find images in reasonable price that can reflect your brand. Make it readable by simply creating a content in a list form. This strategy will help you acquire more readers. Researching can help a lot to create comprehensive content.  Searching for the trending topics ahead of time can serve you a lot.

Make it enjoyable to read.

Time is passing quickly If you are having fun. This statement is also true when we are reading books, especially if it is fun to read. Make your readers laugh and have fun reading your articles, you’ll see how they keep coming back. Get insights from the readers by providing a comment form after your blog. This will help you improve your technique to deliver better results with less effort.

Give them their interest.

Put yourself in the reader’s position, what interest them most. Freshly news are always at the top searches. Giving immediate solutions for people’s inquiries  is also a common trend that can grab people’s interest. Using “A Threat” formula while providing the appropriate answer to those threats is effective method as well. For instance; “Why it’s not a good idea to rent a car during your travel.” In that way, readers can learn something new from your post.

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