Building Private Blog Network Guide

Other don’t understand about PBN here is a simple explanation. PBN is a network authoritative websites that used to build links on money sites to gain higher rankings on Search Engine. Although we all know that there are many techniques to rank on Google but this is one and powerful techniques.

Unlike to Link Wheel and Pyramid link building all websites and blogs are link to each other but PBN is different because all PBN sites are not linked to each other but point into the money site. The idea is all of this websites are not related to each other the benefits you gain is natural links and as someone linking to their website from another websites that’s the point of PBN.

So how it works?

For me since I started in 2008 number of natural links is important for ranking factor. So how to find those PBN well it comes from expired domains and find those who don’t have a manual auction penalty to being safe on Google search.

To make PBN away for being caught by Google created a different hosting account and register those domain you purchase on your most favorite domain registrant. Because if you are using the same server then you will be connected to each other so Google will become confuse that you own all of those.

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